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Your Beaver Cleaver Wine Club

Your Beaver Cleaver Wine Club

This wine club is a collaboration with our friends at Ellē in the Mt Pleasant neighborhood of Washington DC, Charles Schneider of Free Run Wine Merchants. The name of the club comes from the song Mt Pleasant by the band Tuscadaro. Ellē loves Mt Pleasant as much as we love Takoma Park, and Mt Pleasant was the first neighborhood I lived in after catching a ride across the county in 1999, so it seems fitting.

Each selection will focus on wines made by people who share similar points of view about what differentiates special wines from the rest. If you're already part of the Girl & the Vine’s monthly wine club, you know that I focus more about the people behind the wine than the wine itself. Wine is a reflection of the people and place from which it comes. Things have gotten a little too produced - whether it was country music in Nashville or wine in Napa. These wines are the ballads of the indie singer-songwriters of the wine world. Charles will be exploring these ideas, sometimes with the winemakers themselves in a ‘zine-like accompaniment to the pack.

These wines highly allocated, meaning they're scarce and the club may be one of the only ways to get your hands on them. You and I won’t be able to order a case if we like it but these are the wines that we get excited about the chance to get to taste each year and this is our way to share them with our neighborhoods and community.

 Cheers! - David