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Field Recordings, Dry Hop Pet Nat 2018

Field Recordings, Dry Hop Pet Nat 2018


Paso Robles, California


This wine is a “Pét-Nat” meaning that it is bottled before it finishes fermenting so gets its bubbles from primary rather than secondary fermentation and produces a fresh cider-like wine. “Pét-nat” is also known as méthode ancestrale, as the technique pre-dates method champenoise in France by a couple centuries. Andrew Jones adds hops, as he learned from cider makers, to tame sweetness, create aromatic depth, and stabilize and slow down the inherently temperamental Pét-Nat. Andrew Jones started as a vine nursery fieldman, planting and planning vineyards for wineries all over California. This gave him firsthand knowledge of nearly every vineyard on the Central Coast and a knack for finding “diamonds in the rough.” Meanwhile, he was building friendships with some great California growers, who'd often offer him small lots of their best grapes on the side. From these beginnings he has built a catalog of delicious, affordable wines that hum with personality. 600 cases made.