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Preselo, Furmint (Dry) 2018

Preselo, Furmint (Dry) 2018


Tokaj, Hungary


Greenish, lemon-yellow coloured wine. Its intensive pear and peach aromas are well completed by the sour citruses, barrel spices and salty minerality characteristic to Tokaj wine region. Elegant and harmonic wine with dynamic acids, good balance and lingering aftertaste.Due to the unique soil structure and microclimate of the wine region, we managed to harvest fully ripen and healthy grapes at the end of September in the relatively warm year. Messzelátó vineyard, the plot where the grape comes from, is an isolated area surrounded by forest, where the vines are cultivated using natural methods and bio cultivation, without applying chemicals. It was made of 100% of Furmint variety, the majority of the juice was fermented in stainless steel, while the remaining part fermented and aged in barrels. It gives a pleasure to drink this wine, indeed, beside the beautiful pear, quince and citrus fruitiness, it also bears some minerality , which is quite characteristic to Tokaji Furmint wines.