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Alexandro, Amontillado Sherry 375ml

Alexandro, Amontillado Sherry 375ml


Jerez, Spain


Alejandro Amontillado is an interesting and bright sherry with complex characteristics of dried orange, baking spices, toffee, and butter, with some briny and floral character. It starts out as a Manzanilla, not just plain old fino sherry. Like all Amontillado sherries this is made by the biological method (under a layer of living yeast [flor]) and aged in oak barrels in a tiered Solera system where new wines are added to older wines. Amontillados start life in the same way as a Fino, but the protective layer of yeast on their surface, called flor, dies away, allowing a slight oxidative character. The median age of this wine is 10 years - 5 spent being aged as a Manzanilla, and 5 aged oxidatively. As it is a relatively young Amontillado, the bodega refers to it as its "Amontillado Fino". 

Technical Data:
Alcohol Content: 17.5%
Total Acidity: 5 g/L
Volatile Acidity: Under .8
Grape Variety: Palomino Fino
Filtration: 1 micron
Fining: None