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Dirty Martini (16oz; 5 servings)

Dirty Martini (16oz; 5 servings)

Tanquerey Gin, Tito's Vodka, Vikre Aquavit, Dolin Dry Vermouth, la Cigarerra Fino Sherry, olive brine

- Stir 3 oz with ice, throw out the ice... or not, whatever.
- Garnish with olives... or not. It already tastes like olives.

The dirty vodka martini is one of my best friend's favorite drinks in the world. It is one of my least favorite. So, I've set out to make a Dirty Martini that actually makes sense and tastes good. Batching this thing in large quantities lets me tweak it with just a whisper of Aquavit and obscure proportions. The result is something I'd actually drink, but Neda, this one's for you!

Please add a little water to the mix if you are taking it straight from the freezer. Otherwise, chill or serve over ice.

Note: In accordance with the law, all cocktails much be purchased with a food item.