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Ànima Negra, Falanis Quibia 2019

Ànima Negra, Falanis Quibia 2019


Mallorca, Spain

Premsal Blanca, Callet (a red variety), Giro Ros

Quibia gets its name from an aspirational worry-free state of mind. The wine is the brainchild of Miquelangel Cerda and his partner, Pere Obrador celebrating the versatility of the indigenous red grape, Callet, which is the common thread through all their wines. The Callet lends texture and tartness. The Premsal adds roundness while Giro Ros gives the backbone of acidity. The grapes are cooled on a cold bed of dry ice to avoid oxidation before being hand-sorted. The three grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks followed by 4 months of lees aging. The influence of the Mediterranean sea gives this wine its salinity.

This wine is crisp, lively, and well balanced. It has aromas of peach, pear, sea brine, and jasmine. On the palate, the wine is weighty with citrus notes and tropical richness cut by brisk acidity and saline minerality. This island wine is the perfect seafood accompaniment.