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Field Recordings, FREDDO 2019

Field Recordings, FREDDO 2019


Paso Robles, California


Chilled reds are kind of a thing right now and this bottle was literally designed for it (the label changes color when cold). It's bright with cranberry, strawberry notes through and through. The wine is produced using carbonic maceration (wherein an oxygen void environment fermentation starts inside the grape from enzymes rather than exterior yeast) which provides freshness and low tannins without sharp acidity. At just 11.9% alcohol, this wine is a fun and quaffable pick at room temperature with pasta or chilled for the outdoor BBQ.

Field Recordings is winemaker Andrew Jones’ personal catalog of the people and places he values most. Spending his days as a vine nursery fieldman planning and planting vineyards for farmers all over California, Andrew is sometimes offered small lots of their best fruit on the side from sites that are unknown or underappreciated.