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Goat Lady Dairy Fig & Honey Goat Cheese 5oz

Goat Lady Dairy Fig & Honey Goat Cheese 5oz


Ginnie Tate raised goats as a hobby, she started in 1984 with 2 Nubian's, you know the ones with the long ears, doe eyed & are adorably cute!

Driving around Randolph County looking for land to buy with the girls - not in the back seat mind you, but up front in the passenger seat,
hanging out the window like any good hound! Ginnie would stop and ask anyone she saw if they knew of any land for sale, being a small closely knit community it did not take long for word to get around, about a stranger asking about land, since no one knew her name she became known as "the goat lady"! It stuck In 1995, Ginnie Tate, aka 'the Goat Lady', her brother Steve and his wife Lee officially opened Goat Lady Dairy as a viable business in the lovely rolling hills of northeast Randolph County in the North Carolina Piedmont. They started with an abandoned worn-out tobacco farm and a 200 year old log house and outbuildings, restored them carefully and then added a new dairy barn complete with milking parlor, goat loafing barn, dining room and a licensed cheese making room. From the beginning, the dream was to connect their urban neighbors with the land and goats through hand crafted cheese and farm events.

They had a message to share: when you know your food, your farmer and your cheese-maker you make choices that care for the land and
change the world for the better. What started as a family dream has grown to include cherished staff, invaluable partner farms and a community of loyal customers.
The next generations has taken over

- Ginnie passed away from cancer, Steve has retired and the reigns have been passed on to Carrie Bradds and her family, a long time employee. With new ownership, they are committed to the same values that have made this business a success!