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Kamara, Retsina 500ml

Kamara, Retsina 500ml


Thessaloniki, Greece

Roditis & Assyrtiko

The ancient Romans used pine resin to seal amphora clay pots while transporting olive oil and wine. The sticky pitch often ended up in the jars. These days, there's lots of bulk Retsina trading on overwhelming pine flavor to cover the flaws of cheap base wine, but this 500ml bottle is the real deal. Kamara adds pure, all-natural hand-scraped Aleppo resin straight to barrels of high-altitude Roditis and Assyrtiko resulting in a medium-bodied and dry wine with notes of citrus fruit, evergreen, and incense. Retsina is great with grilled seafood, olives, and hummus. It is spontaneously fermented, unfined, unfiltered, and low in sulfites. Organic and biodynamic farming principles are used.