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Lauverjat, Perle Blanche, Sancerre Blanc 2019

Lauverjat, Perle Blanche, Sancerre Blanc 2019


Sauvignon Blanc

Loire, France


The Lauverjat family has been growing grapes in Sancerre for generations in the tiny village of Sury-en-Vaux. In the past, they always sold off the grapes to other producers, but decided eventually that it was sad to work so hard all year in the vineyards and then not be able to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Husband and wife team, Christian and Karine have made improvements over the years, including a transition to sustainable viticulture. They use a combination of copper-sulfite treatments and synthetic treatments. Christian prefers to use a minimal amount of synthetic treatment in the vineyards as opposed to using too much copper sulfer because copper is a heavy metal that accumulates in the soil - it never dissipates or breaks down. They grow grass in the rows to prevent corrosion. They also invested in a new clay filtration system that allows them to very gently filter the wines without stripping them of their character. The result is a classic, medium weight Sancerre that strikes a perfect balance of citrus and melon. The wines from Lauverjat undoubtedly represent some of the best values to be had from the appellation."