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Small Planes Duromina

Small Planes Duromina

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Agaro
Zone: Jimma
Union: Kata Muduga
Variety: Ethiopian Landraces
Processing: Fully Washed
Elevation: 1900-2020 masl

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Watermelon Candy, Amaretto

NOW LOOK WHO'S BACK! Grab another few cups of sunshine with our second, limited-time quarantreat.  

The Duromina Cooperative is one of the largest coops in the Kata Muduga Union. It receives cherry from 329 union members, of whom 75 are women. These coffees are processed at one of three sites, each of which supplies drying beds and a wet mill. Our 2019 lot comes from Site 3, which happens to receive coffees from the highest elevations in the coop.

At the roastery, we're pulling big shots of Duromina espresso, for creamy body and loads of bright fruit - tart cherry, lemon, pomegranate, and watermelon hard candies - underpinned by gentler notes of milk chocolate and marzipan. On the cupping table we especially find floral fragrance and taste the clean juiciness of cherries and citrus with a hint of almond liqueur.